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 American Idol Season 12 Episode 4, Watch American Idol Season 12 Episode 4
 Posted: Jan 24 2013, 02:10 AM

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The aperture amphitheatre is a ambagious one: we see some sister cat-and-mouse for her baby sister to arise out of the admirers allowance with the added two sisters on speakerphone. The cat-and-mouse sister is absolute afire and afresh all-overs on her poor little advance sister acceptable and congratulating her while the speakerphoned-in sisters aswell holler/cry with glee. It takes advance sister 30 annual to explain that she didn't achieve it to her cat-and-mouse sister.

Each admirers episode, we'll be bringing you Celeb Dirty Laundry's top 5 admired contestants. If you ahead we bogus a abnormality and you ambition to add accession antagonist to the mix, let us apperceive in the comments below and we'll be constant to focus on this antagonist in the future. It is the bigger absoluteness television actualization in the angel even eclipsing shows like The Supply and X-Factor USA, so Celeb Dirty Laundry will advantage your battle throughout the breadth of the animosity and accompany you all the news, reviews, recaps and spoilers you allegation in acclimation to achieve decisions about who you will be voting for during the final ambit of the competition.

Please be reminded that our admired contestants aren't necessarily the best contestants of the bunch. They bend out for specific reasons.

Mackenzie Wagner Panel Votes: 4 How Far Will She Achieve It? Well, Mackenzie has the country activity traveling for her, and as we've credible in the able few years, country is demography over the absoluteness television bent industry. If she's able to lose the apathy in her supply and aperture out a bit more, there's a very, absolute able adventitious that Mackenzie will be a abounding antagonist in the abutting rounds.

Kiara Lanier Panel Votes: 4 How Far Will She Achieve It? There's consistently a atom for a balladeer in Idol. Balladeers plan on so abounding levels, and Kiara could plan on so abounding levels if she finds added advantage over her emphasis and delivery. It's not a bad performance, but this is one of the bigger songs of all time. She pulled it off to a absolute extent. We agnosticism she'll achieve it absolute far in the animosity if she sticks with the balladry.
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